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We're very excited to add new candy to our (and your) selection.  Here you may find an old favorite, or maybe you'll be lucky enough to discover a new favorite!  We're working to bring you the largest selection, so feel free to contact us and tell us about that particular hard-to-find candy you've been craving.

New Candy

OrganoGold Coffee Latte
Organic Coffee with
Genoderma Extract
20 pkts of 21 g

Spongy candy balls
covered in chocolate
9 bags of 1.41 oz

Banderitas de Coco
Coconut sweet candy
with Mexico flag colors
10 pcs

Conos de Cajeta

Wafer with milk candy
12 pcs

Cucharita Rica
Tamarind flavored
candy spoon
10 pcs

Giant size marshmallows
strawberry and vanilla flavors
14.5 oz

Jovy Elote Revolcado
Chili covered hard candy lollipop
with soft center
40 pcs

Jovy Tamaros
Chili hard candy
filled with soft caramel
65 pcs
Forritos Cubremanzanas
Forritos Cubremanzanas
Cover your fruits
in tamarind wrapper
5 pcs
Paleton Corona
Paleton Corona
Chocolate covered
marshmallow lollipop
38 pcs
Paleta Payaso
Paleta Payaso
Chocolate covered
marshmallow lollipop
10 pcs

Vero Bomba Negra
Acidulated hard candy lollipops
with fizzy center, cola flavor
40 pcs
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